The Best Green Juice - Mojito Style

This is my long standing fave green juice. It's simple and refreshing.

It's also super affordable, depending on the season.

Mojito Green Juice
1 Long English Cucumber
1 Lime
1 Apple
Mint (A few decent sized leaves)
Kale (I use one large leaf)

*If you are hesitant about the kale, then leave it out. I don't mind/notice it, but if you are new to green juices you might. Though if you like the juice without it, I encourage you try with it. Not all that different, but more nutrients!

Juice all ingredients in your juicer!

I have also read that you can juice with a blender and some water, straining the mixture after. However, I have never personally tried this method. Have you? Does it work well?

Do you juice? What's your favorite juice?

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